Karnataka, 229 The Venue in London

Karnataka at the 229 club

As part of the promotion for the single “‘Because of You”, Karnataka played a free showcase gig at 229 The Venue in central London. Though the purpose of the gig was really to gather media attention (I’m told there were a number of tastemakers from the BBC present), there was a good turnout of dedicated fans, and the small venue was well-filled.

Crowded onto a tiny stage, they played two sets, the first made up of six shorter numbers from “Secrets of Angels” culminating in the Nightwishesque new single. The second set featured the lengthy epic title track along with two older numbers, “Delicate Flame of Desire” and “Your World”.

Though they had to cut the set slightly short and skip the planned encore because Hayley’s voice was giving out by the end, it was still a highly enjoyable show, and the first half in particular had a lot of  energy.

This is a band whose album has gone beyond giving many European symphonic metal bands a run for their money, and all comes over very powerfully live. Let’s hope they made as good an impression on any tastemakers present as they did with their dedicated fans, and we get to see them on far bigger stages.

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2 Responses to Karnataka, 229 The Venue in London

  1. David Meadows says:

    I utterly loathe the connotations inherent in the term “tastemakers”, but good for Karnataka if this bring them more interest. I assume setting up a free gig like this hits the band in the pocket, but maybe it’s something other bands need to be looking at.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Same here. Word was the BBC guys were connected with “Later with Jools Holland”, on which none of the bands I travel round the country to see ever get a look in.

    It’s a gamble for Karnataka, and I hope it pays. I’d love to see bands like them get wider recognition without having to dumb down their sound and alienate their existing audience (Can you say “Pocket Watch”?)