Karnataka – Bilston Robin 2

A few photos of Karnataka’s recent gig at Bilston Robin 2. The band were on superb live form despite slightly poor sound early on, combining hard rock bombast with evocative symphonic celtic-progressive epics. Hayley Griffiths’ dynamic stage presence leaves the impression that they really ought to be playing far bigger stages.

The current incarnation of the band have fully gelled now, with the most recent recruit, drummer Jimmy Pallagrosi the final piece in the jigsaw. He does give the impression that Animal from The Muppets is his role model.

The setlist naturally drew heavily from the newest album “Secrets of Angels”, with a mesmerising rendition of the lengthy title track one of the highlights. They’ve given the rest of the set a big shakeup, with three songs from “The Gathering Light” incuding the Enrico Pinna guitar showcase “Forsaken” and an excellent “Moment in Time”. They finished with their barnstorming cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.

They’re a very different band nowadays that Karnatakas past.  And with just a couple of songs remaining from the earliest incarnation of the band, maybe someone else should start a tribute act?

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2 Responses to Karnataka – Bilston Robin 2

  1. Tom B says:

    Thought it was a wonderful show and Hayley’s confidence and stage presence has grown remarkably even from last year. I’m only familiar with the two latest albums The Gathering Light and Secrets of Angels and hadn’t seen them live before last year so don’t really know how different their earlier stuff was but I do like the way they seem to be heading.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Hayley’s interpretation of the Gathering Light songs has got a lot stronger on this tour.

    On the first couple of tours I thought the older material came out better and Lisa Fury’s songs didn’t work quite as well. But perhaps that was because I never got to see the original band with Rachel, but saw them with Lisa Fury several times.