More Hipsters

This piece on “Why I Will Not Buy Adele’s New Album 25” has to be one of the most ridiculous pieces of sanctimonious hipster dribble I have ever read.

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3 Responses to More Hipsters

  1. PaulE says:

    Pure comedy. Saying people wont go back to old technology after admitting to buying lots of vinyl albums over the last 2 years.

    Adele’s sales figures make other pop singers look rather ordinary. Like comparing Don Bradman to the rest.

  2. Synthetase says:

    Yeah. I don’t always criticise the use of plastic discs for music, but when I do, I extol the virtues of my vinyl collection beforehand.

    Or perhaps…
    I don’t always listen to artists before they’re mainstream, but when I do, I buy their CDs from Target.

  3. Chris Hall says:

    Laughable indeed!