Mostly Autumn, Bury and Bath

Olivia Sparnenn of Mostly Autumn at The Met, Bury, September 2012

A few photos of Mostly Autumn’s September tour, from the shows at The Met in Bury, and from the final night of the tour at The Komedia in Bath three weeks later.

Bryan Josh of Mostly Autumn at The Komedia in Bath, September 2012

I managed to see the band five times in total on the tour, including back to back dates at The Spirit of 66 in Verviers in Belgium, and De Boerderij in Zoetermeer in The Netherlands, the first time I’ve actually travelled abroad to see the band. The band were on consistently great form throughout the tour.

Anne-Marie Helder of Mostly Autumn at The Komedia in Bath, September 2012

There are a lot more photos from these two gigs in my photo gallery.

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2 Responses to Mostly Autumn, Bury and Bath

  1. PaulE says:

    You were at 5 gigs out of about a dozen ?
    I thought my 4 was a bit OTT, but clearly I’m a lightweight :)

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Now trying to decide how many time I can see Panic Room in November. Heather Finday is on tour around the same time, and I want to get to at least a couple of those as well, so that might limit the number.

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