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Chris Picton – Journey of Broken Dreams

Chris Picton, one-time bassist of Quecia, has a new album out. Two years in the making, Chris plays all instruments aside from a couple of tracks featuring Paul Ayre on guitar. Though largely instrumental, it also features Kirsty McCarrick and Hayley McCarrick on vocals.

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The Reasoning postpone new album until 2015

The Reasoning at Trinity Live in Leamington Spa

July 2014 news from The Reasoning.

Our album is sounding amazing already, harking back to some of the much-loved musical and vocal elements from our earlier days, but with a great deal of contemporary pizazz. After the whirlwind experiences of the past couple of years, we’re going to take some extra time to really develop and embellish this new piece of work, craft it to its very richest potential and, most importantly, ensure that we give YOU, our dear followers, your most enjoyable Reasoning experience to date. This is going to be a big financial investment for us – outsourcing the recording of drums and, for the first time, vocals, to some “big” studios. We’re also in talks with several mix engineers, both here and on the other side of the Atlantic – more on this soon. Particular time and attention will be paid to the capturing of voices this time around, with Rachel and Seb (our young French floozy) leading the way, ably embellished by Rob and Jake.

The October tour will still be going ahead and will feature some material from the new album as well as their 2007 debut album “Awakening” in full. The tour visits Southampton, London, York, Bolton, Cardiff and Bilston.

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Winter in Eden – With Intent

Winter in Eden’s “With Intent”, the lead track from the forthcoming album “Court of Conscience”, which you can still pre-order from their online shop.

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When Empires Fall pre-order

When Empires FallThe debut album from When Empires Fall, the new project from former Stolen Earth and Breathing Space bassust and songwriter Paul Teasdale, is now available for pre-order.

In their own words:

When Empires Fall’ formed in the Winter of 2013. Founded by bass player Paul Teasdale (Stolen Earth, Breathing Space, Sanchez), the debut album brings together musicians from across the UK and further afield to bring you an eclectic, genre-defying collection of songs from a band who refuse to be categorised.

The album contains multi-layered audiofields reminiscent of the greatest eras of classic rock, with obvious nods in the direction of Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Black Keys, Editors, Mostly Autumn, Porcupine Tree and The XX.

Described by some as nu-progressive, the sounds stay close to the band’s symphonic and sometimes hard-edged rock heritage, whilst embracing modern styles and sounds. It takes the classic sounds of the rasping Hammond and powerful overdriven guitar-stacks, and adds huge strings and harmonies to create a soundscape you can get lost in.

With an eclectic mix of classic rock and far more contemporary influences this is sounding like a very interesting project whose debut album ought to be well worth the wait.

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Cloud Atlas – Searchlight

The song “Searchlight” from Cloud Atlas’ “Beyond the Vale” illustrated with photos from their launch gig in York last month.

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Halo Blind – The Puppet

Halo Blind have put together a video for the track “The Puppet” from the album “Occupying Forces”.

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The Pineapple Thief – Magnolia

A taster for the new album due in September.

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Dave Kerzner launches Kickstarter campaign for new album

Dave KerznetMantra Vega and former Sound of Contact keyboard player Dave Kerzner has launched a Kickstater campaign for his solo album “New World”, with an impressive array of guest appearances.

I’m Dave Kerzner, also known by my nickname “Squids”. “New World” is my first solo album after splitting with award-winning Progressive Rock band “Sound of Contact”. My new Prog record brings classic rock elements of the 60s and 70s into a modern musical soundscape. New World is a concept album done in two versions, a standard edition with over 70 minutes of music and a deluxe double disc extended edition with over 140 minutes of theatrical, rich and picturesque music to dig into! The subject matter of the storyline deals with the journey of human emotions from the darkness of facing your demons to rising above the obstacles that hold us back in life.

All of the lyrics and music are written, produced and sung by me and I am joined by some amazing special guests such as Steve Hackett (Genesis), Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd), Francis Dunnery (It Bites), Nick D’Virgilio (Tears for Fears, Big Big Train), Jason Scheff (Chicago), David Longdon (Big Big Train), Fernando Perdomo, Heather Findlay (Mantra Vega, Mostly Autumn), Adam Gaynor (Matchbox 20), Ana Cristina and more!

The album has a projected release date of October, provided the project reaches the funding goal of $17000.

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Cloud Atlas album launch – New Venue

Cloud Atlas have moved their launch gig on Saturday 28th June to a different venue. The gig is now at Tokyos on Toft Green, York.

The original venue, Fibbers, is temporarily closed because of a dispute between the venue and the landlord.  As it says on the Fibbers Facebook page:

Due to a longstanding dispute with the landlord, Fibbers is TEMPORARILY closed but we expect this to be resolved AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Since “as soon as possible” may well not include “by Saturday night“, moving the gig does sound like the only possible option.

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Winter in Eden album pre-order

Court_Of_ConscienceWinter in Eden announce pre-orders for their third album “Court of Conscience”.

2014 brings us Winter In Edens highly anticipated third studio album ‘Court of Conscience’. Recorded in the Netherlands it contains eleven songs which build and further refine the unique style that is Winter in Eden. Produced by Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation) and mixed by Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation), it also features guest vocals by the multi award winning Damian Wilson (Threshold) and Jermain van der Bogt (For All We Know, Ayreon).

The result is powerful, modern and balanced. Each instrument can clearly be heard within the Metal and the Symphonic, and the live strings on ‘The Script’ are truly wonderous. ‘Court of Conscience’ retains the band’s signature of thought-provoking lyrics mixed with memorable melodies. Whilst no two songs are alike, fans will be delighted to hear that the band’s approach to this album is a familiar one. With hard and heavy anthems such as ‘Knife Edge’ and ‘Toxicate’, more chilled and progressive tracks such as ‘Burdened’ and ‘It’s Not Enough’ along with the blues rock of ‘Affliction’, this collection of songs has something for each taste and mood.

You can pre-order it today from the Winter in Eden online shop.

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