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Cripped Black Phoenix Woes

All is not well in the Crippled Black Phoenix camp. As posted on Justin Greaves’ Facebook page:

Attention CBP fans.

Unfortunately, after not turning up for the past shows, Karl Demata and Christian Heilmann have stolen MY band name. They are trying to stop me using MY band name as of the 1st Jan. Karl Demata has also, without my knowledge registered MY band name in HIS name as a trademark, he did this in December 2012, essentially steeling what is mine and has been for many years, and my own band name since 2004. 5 years before Karl joined. He has now taken down our CBP band facebook page.

I have good friends and people who are helping with this. Hopefully we can get it all back up and running soon.

Karl Demata is a scumbag coward thief.

Also to note. I tried calling Karl on the phone several times, to talk like grown ups… he won’t pick up, so i left messages for him, non-threatening but i told him what i think of him. He has now reported me to the Police, who called me today.

I say again, Karl Demata is a scumbag coward and WILL NOT get away with this.

If you see Crippled Black Phoenix anywhere being used without Justin Greaves, you know it is false, and a result of theft. Karl Demata has been planning this for a while, lying to me and his band mates, this is pure theft of what i have put my heart and soul into for many years.

Words ca not describe my utter sickness i feel. It is the lowest shitbag thing to do to anyone.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the drama, i just want people to know about this guy…. PLEASE SHARE THIS AROUND… especially to CBP fans who might wonder what is going on.

White Light.


A later post on Twitter makes it clear that the band are not splitting:

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TILT Kickstarter

tiltTILT, the band featuring Steve Vantsis and Robin Boult, long-term collaborators with Fish and members of his current touring band, along with Dave Stewart, Paul Humphreys and Paul Dourley have launched a Kickstarter campaing for the debut album “Hinterland”.

This is their first full-length album, following on from their 2008 EP “Million Dollar Wound“.

To quote the band:

We have been working on our debut album ‘HINTERLAND’ for the past 3 years and have some fantastic music recorded. Now it’s your chance to get involved, help us get the album released and grab some exclusives in the process! In order to get the best sounding album we possibly can we have enlisted the services of legendary rock producer Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones, INXS, Marillion). We are very excited about this and you should be too, Chris’s credentials speak for themselves.

Steve Vantsis and Robin Boult wrote significant portions of Fish’s superb “Feast of Conseqences”, so there is some very solid songwriting chops there.

The Kickstarter ends on December 2nd.

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Mantra Vega Update

Mantra VegaIn a blogpost entitled “Beyond the realms of summer wine“, Heather Findlay gives an update on the progress with Mantra Vega:

I’m finding the creative themes behind the album are really mirroring a lot of my own personal journey this year, which in itself has had one or two rather unexpected twists and turns, leaving me with a lot of gratitude for the freedom I have within this project to have been able to explore this musically. Dave has had a very intuitive approach to working with me which has allowed for what will be I think a very authentic, heartfelt piece of life art. (If that’s even a thing!) The amount of times that just the right piece of music has been mysteriously supplied by Dave at just the right time is a work of art in itself! I hope you will agree and very soon you will be given the chance to decide for yourself.

Moving forward, the Mantra Vega shape of things is likely to take form via single being released in the very early part of 2015, closely followed by the album itself when we’ll explore the prospect of doing some live shows with the possibility of appearances on both sides of the Atlantic being discussed.

You can keep in touch with what’s going on by either liking the our MV Facebook page, or by joining my mailing list here

As well as that, Heather will be making a guest appearance of John Mitchell’s forthcoming solo album “Lonely Robot”.

2015 is looking like getting off to an exciting start with the long awaited albums from Karnataka and Chantel McGregor also expected early in the new year.

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Morpheus Rising to support Graham Bonnet in December

Morpheus Rising at Bilston Robin 2, July 2013

Just announced by Morpheus Rising.

We are very excited to announce that Morpheus Rising will be tour support for Graham Bonnet on his December UK tour! Having supported Graham Bonnet at York Fibbers in earlier this year, we’re really looking forward to this! It’s going to be a great tour and one not to be missed – get it in your diaries!

This tour will see a slightly different line up, with Craig Hill depping for the injured Nigel Durham, who is currently off games and nursing a shoulder injury, and the irrepressible Yatim Halimi (Panic Room, Steve Rothery Band) filling in for Andy Smith on bass whose Mostly Autumn commitments mean he is unavailable for the tour.

The dates are London O2 Academy Islington December 1st, Sheffield O2 Academy 2 December 2nd, Liverpool O2 Academy 2 December 3rd, Glasgow O2 ABC 2 December 4th and Birmingham O2 Academy 2 December 5th. We’ve been dying to announce this for a while but now everything is signed and sealed so we can finally spill the beans.

Great to have the chance to get out on the road again, and even better to have a chance to support Graham Bonnet again! So dig out your MR shirts, come down to the shows and show us your support! See you down the front.

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Kickstarter for Howard Sinclair’s new album

Howard Sinclair - The Light Broke InSinger-songwriter Howard Sinclair is running a Kickstarter campaign for his second album “The Light Broke In”, a followup to his début “The Delicious Company of Freaks”.

Howard Sinclair ought to be familiar to fans of Panic Room having supported the band many times. More recently he’s played keyboards for Also Eden and appears on their album “[REDACTED]“.

The new album will be full band project, now including former Morpheus Rising drummer Paul “Gibbo” Gibbons on drums alongside Patrick “Patch” Sanders on lead guitar and Becky Baldwin on bass. It features cover art by Mark Wilkinson, known for his iconic artwork for Marillion and more recently for Fish.

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Crimson Sky call it a day

Crimson Sky at Reading South Street Arts CentreSad news that Crimson Sky have decided to call it a day, with brief announcements on Facebook and Twitter this afternoon. They will be making one final live appearance on Sunday 16th Nov at The Louisiana in Bristol, supporting Also Eden.

We are very sad to announce that, after the gig supporting Also Eden on 16th November, we have decided to disband Crimson Sky. Martin, Clive, Moray, Adrian and Jane all thank you for your support. It has been lots of fun, and we’ll all remain good friends.

At the moment the band have no plans to record any of the new material that featured in recent live sets.

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Anna Phoebe – Mostar

“Mostar” by Anna Phoebe, taken from her forthcoming album “Between The Shadow And The Soul”

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Luna Rossa Album and Tour

Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa are now taking pre-orders for their second album “Secrets and Lies“, following on from last year’s superb “Sleeping Pills and Lullabies”. As well as the all-round talents of Anne-Marie Helder and Jon Edwards it also features guest musicians including Tim Hamill on guitar, Sarah Dean on Celtic harp, Andy ‘Wal’ Coughlan on double bass and the Luna Rossa String Quartet.

The band are also embarking on a short tour at the beginning of November.

  • Cardiff The Gate, Saturday 1st Nov
  • London The Borderline, Sunday 2nd Nov
  • Bilston Robin 2, Sunday 9th Nov
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AlithiA – Thirteen Revelations

Interesting mix of progressive textures and post-rock guitars from Australia

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Northern Oak

Want some folk-metal with cookie-monsters, flutes and fiddle that comes from Yorkshire rather than Finland? Of course you do!

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