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Burn the Witch

Radiohead’s new video is straight out of Scarfolk.

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KilliT – Crash and Burn

Some old-fashioned hard rock from KilliT, which gives you the feeling this band are going places. Taken from the forthcoming album “Shut It Down”.

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Kiama added to the Panic Room Weekend


Panic Room have added Kiama to the bill of the Panic Room Weekend, playing the penultimate set on Sunday 22nd May, joining Luna Rossa, Morpheus Rising, Halo Blind, Sarah Dean, The Dave Forster Band, and of course Panic Room themselves.

Kiama are the supergroup comprising Robert Reed of Magenta, Dylan Thompson of Shadow of the Sun and The Reasoning, Andy Edwards of IQ and Frost*, and Luke Machin of  Maschine and The Tangent.

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RIP Prince

As with Bowie, I was never a huge fan, and don’t even own any of his records. But there was still a palpable sense of shock when I heard about his death in the queue outside the venue for The Heather Findlay Band at The Boston Music Rooms.

Prince, like Bowie, was one of the giants, and speaking to some band members after the gig made it clear he’s hugely respected by musicians regardless of the genres they work in. This quote from Chantel McGregor, who has frequently covered “Purple Rain” in her live shows says it all.

2016 has been an awful year; it’s almost as if The Grim Reaper has traded in the traditional scythe for a combine harvester.

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Panic Room launch live DVD crowd-funding campaign

Panic Room have announced a crowdfunding campaign for a Live DVD on PledgeMusic, which will be recorded at Islington Assembly Hall on June 18th.

Options range from £22 for the standard DVD though £45 for a signed deluxe editon of the DVD with your name in the credits to all sorts of exclusive extras.

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The Heather Findlay Band confirmed for CRF


The Cambridge Rock Festival have added The Heather Findlay band to Sunday’s main stage bill on 7th Augist. They join an already strong lineup including The Windmill, Purson, Curved Air and Mostly Autumn, as well as headliners Focus.

Tickets cost £105 for the full four days or £40 for the Sunday, and can be bought online from the Cambridge Rock Festival website.

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Ghost Community album pre-order

Goost Community, the supergroup formed of past and present members of The Reasoning, Also Eden and Crimson Sky are now taking pre-orders for their début album “Cycle of Life”.

Mixed by The Pineapple Thief’s Bruse Soord and apparently “sounding awesome”, the album can be pre-ordered from Ghost Community website.

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Marillion announce F E A R


Marillion announce the name of teir new album, “F*** Everyone And Run”. As lead singer Steve Hogarth describe it:

What’s in a name?……

All worthwhile human impulses come from love. And all negative and destructive human impulses come from fear.

This album is called Fuck Everyone and Run or F.E.A.R.

This title is adopted not in anger or with any intention to shock. It is adopted and sung (in the song “New Kings”) tenderly, in sadness and resignation inspired by an England, and a world, which increasingly functions on an “Every man for himself” philosophy. I won’t bore you with examples, they’re all over the newspapers every day.

There’s a sense of foreboding that permeates much of this record. I have a feeling that we’re approaching some kind of sea-change in the world – an irreversible political, financial, humanitarian and environmental storm. I hope that I’m wrong. I hope that my FEAR of what “seems” to be approaching is just that, and not FEAR of what “is” actually about to happen.

The album will be released on September 9th 2016, and the final date for pre-orders is 17th June. You can pre-order now on Pledge Music. You know you want to!

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Big Big Train’s Folklore Pre-Order

Big Big Train announce the pre-order for their fortciming album “Folklore”, to be released on May 27th.

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Ravenia – We All Died For Honor

A song from Finnish symphonic metallers Ravenia featuring Armi Päivinen on lead vocals and a five-piece string section as part of the band.

The song comes from the album Beyond the Walls of Death, released on April 28th.

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