A Genuine Freakshow call it a day

"A Genuine Freakshow"

Reading band A Genuine Freakshow have called it a day.

We have decided after many years to bring an end to A Genuine Freakshow.

Our reasons are three fold: financial (we haven’t got any money), geographical (we now live further away from each other than we did before) and musical (less of this than the previous two).

First of all we would like to thank everyone who has ever come to one of our gigs, bought a record or a tee shirt (or an Ultimate Fighting Combo!). You have quite literally kept this band going for longer than we thought was possible, so thank you.

A Genuine Freakshow were an impossible band to categorise, with elements of post-rock, indie-pop and progressive rock in their music. The seven-piece made a huge sound, featuring cello and violin and trumpet alongside guitars and drums. I first saw them playing in a medieval church in Reading playing a set that climaxed with the shimmering wall-of-sound of “Luckmore Drive”, enhanced by the wonderful acoustics of the building.

It’s always sad when a band calls it a day, but I hope the various band members will resurface in new projects.

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