Anne-Marie Helder – January

A new solo song nu Anne-Marie Helder of Panic Room and Luna Rossa fame.

In her own words:

“January’ is a little ditty about this strange, bleak first month of the year ~ A time when all the Christmas decorations have been taken down,  The days are too short, the nights are too cold…  It’s grey outside, & we’ve got no money left.  We’re supposed to be getting healthy after all that overindulgence, but we can’t be bothered. All the parties are over, and there are no festivities left to save us from the interminable grey days of winter.


On the bright side, here’s a little song for you.  A reminder you that you’re not alone. It won’t last forever…  Soon it’ll be February!

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One Response to Anne-Marie Helder – January

  1. Synthetase says:

    And from the Southern Hemisphere…

    The corn out my window’s beginning to rise/
    Tomatoes will soon be festooning the vines.

    The Aussie cricket team is belting the poms/
    We’re drinking and dancing to our favourite songs.

    It’s January, everything’s golden
    Yeah, January, we’re all feeling warmer
    January, please never be over…