Anne-Marie Helder & Mostly Autumn

Anne-Marie Helder has written a lengthy post on Facebook explaining why she won’t be performing on stage with Mostly Autumn (bar one gig) for the rest of the year. It’s too long to quote in it’s entirety, but I’ve highlighted this section, which clarifies one or two misconceptions.

I have seen some comments written about myself or Gavin having ‘left’ Mostly Autumn, which I think it’s important to say was Never actually said…

The truth of the situation is, while other commitments keep us 2 exceptionally busy, Mostly Autumn have (rightly) drafted in new and highly-talented folks to fulfil their line-up, and for this year’s shows that’s what the live line-up will be.

But as for future tours, nothing is decided yet; and as ever, Bryan and his team will only do what is 100% right for the band, on a tour-by-tour basis!

So, I would urge you to show nothing but support and love for Mostly Autumn – both the band members and all the team – as they now dive into the next set of tour dates and pursue lots of great opportunities throughout the year! :o )

I will be on stage with Panic Room, and sometimes solo, and maybe with the new acoustic project Luna Rossa (at some point!)…. But I will also have one eye looking out from the wings onto the Mostly Autumn stage, and watching them with immense pride and love, for they are some of my closest and loveliest friends! And I know they’ll Rock as hard as ever this year.

Reading the original announcement, it’s easy to see why many people interpreted things the way they did, even though as Anne-Marie correctly points out, that’s not what the announcement actually says. And while nothing has been decided yet, I know I’m not the only one hoping that Anne-Marie does return to the band at some point. Indeed, I’d love to see the new singer Hannah Hird retained as well, resulting in a return to the eight-piece lineup with the big vocal harmonies, which is one thing I’ve missed since Olivia Sparnenn took over as lead singer in 2010.

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