Cambridge Rock Festival 2014 announcements

Cambridge Rock Festival 2014

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9 Responses to Cambridge Rock Festival 2014 announcements

  1. Sam Lewis says:

    Pretty good imo :)

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Better that last year’s rather dull lineup. Good to see Chantel back. The headliners are a bit retro, but then they always are.

    Ideally still needs a few bands like Karnataka or Winter in Eden in the “still to be announced” list.

  3. Sam Lewis says:

    Yeah I hope so too! Since both of those have new albums on the way I wouldn’t be surprised if they played :)

  4. Steve says:

    Looking good so far after what I thought was a weak line up last year. Are the three bands at the top the headliners? Surely they won’t have a tribute band as a headliner?. Anyway, I’m pleased to see a couple of my own favourites returning (Chantel & Larry). And Cloud Atlas on the bill. Hope their CD is ready in time and they sell loads. The third different Heidi-fronted band in four years at CRF. I’m sure they’ll be just as good as Stolen Earth a couple of years ago. The return of Panic Room, armed with their new CD, would be good as well. I’d have loads of other requests, but they’re way too obscure to even be considered, lol.

  5. Tim Hall says:

    Assuming The Eagles tribute is the Thursday night, with FM, Wishbone Ash (Don’t mention Martyn Turner!) and Snakecharmer headlining the other three nights. Thursday is always tribute bands.

    Yes, it was a really weak lineup last year, such that I decided to give the festival a miss. lacklustre headliners and the rest of the bill had too much meat-and-potatoes blues-rock.

    Could still do with another couple of higher profile new-generation prog bands, preferably bands who haven’t played the festival before. Alan Reed would fit very well, so would Harvest.

    No metal so far on the bill, I notice. How about Threshold?

  6. Weety says:

    You say dull for last year Tim…but with respect, you weren’t there. Last year yeilded some stonking acts. If it’s because there weren’t more prog acts….well I thought there was a fair balance.
    Magnum, MA, Ben Poole, Pat McManus, Eddie & The Hotrods, Del Bromham, Matt Stevens amongst many others were great

  7. Tim Hall says:

    I’m just not a huge fan of meat-and-potatoes blues-rock, and last year just seemed a bit too dated and stuck in the 1970s. If your first love is prog (which was why I started going to CRF in the first place), the CRF 2013 was a bit dull, at least on paper.

    Bands like Eddie and the Hot Rods do nothing for me.

  8. Weety says:

    ….I thought the same until I saw them. One of the acts of the weekend.

  9. Tim Hall says:

    They played CRF back in 2011, but I missed them that year because they were on at the same time as Kyrbgringer on the second stage. Kyrbgringer are always great live.