Cambridge Rock Festival takes a gap year

Chantel McGregor at the 2014 Festival

Announced today by The Cambridge Rock Festival.

To all CRF’s volunteers, crew and dedicated festival goers.

As I announced at CRF14 in my closing address CRF would be different in 2015 due to a major family wedding. My aim was to create a simpler event, possibly across earlier dates maybe even a different venue to allow us to run the festival without creating too much stress for the family by avoiding noise control issues we have been rather unreasonably hit with in earlier years.

My last few months have been spent working on plans for 2015 and negotiating with several possible venues. Sadly the outcome has not been as desired, so I have to announce that we will now be taking a gap year!

CRF will be running a variety of fundraiser events and small festivals throughout 2015/16 which I would ask you to support if you can, so that CRF16 can be set on firm foundations. A crowd funding project may also be forthcoming shortly to aid the fundraising project.

The committee met on Tuesday night and after much discussion we decided the next festival will be August 2016. I will publish dates and prices for 2016 tickets very shortly.

Please accept my apologies for not announcing this sooner but I had high hopes of bringing the CRF to you in 2015 right up to Tuesday afternoon this week but alas it was not to be. The CRF team would not wish to serve up anything less than a top notch event so we have decided to take a break and use the time to raise much needed funds.

Thank you all for your support, without your participation we would not be even considering running a festival again next year. I hope too see you at Springfest 15 in Haddenham or one of our other fundraisers and of course CRF16.

This will be disappointing to some, but isn’t totally unexpected, and is probably for the best. Even the biggest of all festivals, Glastonbury, has the occasionally gap year, and CRF should be back, better and stronger, in 2016.

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2 Responses to Cambridge Rock Festival takes a gap year

  1. Sam Lewis says:

    Yeah, I think trying to organise one at the last minute and only booking a medicore line-up as a result would end up damaging the CRF’s good reputation. Hopefully it will be back better than ever next year. I had already assumed it was not going to be on this year and decided to go to Bloodstock instead :)

  2. Tim Hall says:

    My thoughts exactly.

    Worst case scenario would be a weak lineup and a poor attendance threatening the viability of future festivals.