Cloud Atlas album launch – New Venue

Cloud Atlas have moved their launch gig on Saturday 28th June to a different venue. The gig is now at Tokyos on Toft Green, York.

The original venue, Fibbers, is temporarily closed because of a dispute between the venue and the landlord.  As it says on the Fibbers Facebook page:

Due to a longstanding dispute with the landlord, Fibbers is TEMPORARILY closed but we expect this to be resolved AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Since “as soon as possible” may well not include “by Saturday night“, moving the gig does sound like the only possible option.

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5 Responses to Cloud Atlas album launch – New Venue

  1. PaulE says:

    Well done to everyone for making this gig happen under difficult circumstances. Not sure that everyone was paying attention to the music, though.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Don’t get me started on the behaviour of part of the crowd…

  3. PaulE says:

    The Banter Banshees were out in force. At least for the main set.

  4. Tim Hall says:

    There was one very annoying group of knobheads who were very distracting from the front row even during the loud bits. Who ignored repeated requests to keep quiet.

  5. stuart houlgate says:

    they were more than annoying. this is the worst disrespectful display i have ever seen at a gig. Totally ruined for me what should have been a brilliant night. People like this should be ejected from venues. They have no respect for the band or others who want to hear the music. I know from talking to the band afterwards they were also upset with this behavior and they know who the so called friends and fans were. i know i vented my anger towards one of the band who’s friends they were afterwards and i know that it was not his fault at all but he was deeply upset and embarrassed by their antics. Tim i know was furious and nearly left after three songs. for the quality of the noise i feel we might as well have done. But Cloud Atlas were fantastic and if that is a taste of what is to come from this band when they get a few more gigs under their belt then we have some fantastic times to come. Well done to Heidi and the band for what they did just so sorry it was ruined by idiots.