Cloud Atlas announce venue for Album Launch

Cloud Atlas BandCloud Atlas’ launch gig for their much-awaited début album “Beyond the Vale” will be at Fibbers in York on Saturday 28th June.

Everyone who’s pre-ordered the album already has an invite for this gig. For those who haven’t pre-ordered, ticket are now on sale.

From the venue’s announcement:

Misused that phrase, ‘progressive rock’, isn’t it? To the uninformed or out-of-touch it conjures images of Rick Wakeman in a cape or Peter Gabriel with a flower round his head.

But it’s so much more than that, has moved with the times and is in good hands with the likes of Heidi Widdop and her new band CLOUD ATLAS.

From early days with Mostly Autumn and progression with ill-fated projects Breathing Space and Stolen Earth, our heroine has shown a steely determination to settle for nothing but the best. Not just the musicians surrounding her but also songwriting, arrangement and putting on a great show!

Inspired by a photograph of the sky one morning, the name Cloud Atlas seemed to be perfect, summing up the mystery and unpredictable nature of Heidi’s musical journey.

Sweeping soundscapes, sometimes dark but always intriguing and full to bursting with melody and atmosphere, this is ‘prog rock’ at its finest, it’s most up-to-date and, quite frankly, bloody fantastic.

Support will be the talented Plumhall, who supported Stolen Earth on a number of oocasions.

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