Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is the new band featuring former Stolen Earth vocalist Heidi Widdop.

Something entirely new and it’s been a long time coming! Working closely alongside Martin Ledger and with a host of excellent musicians, our debut album will be available this year. The website will be launched soon and details of how to pre-order will follow shortly.

The lineup features one or two names that may be familiar to a few people; Martin Ledger and Dave Randall were in the final lineup of Stolen Earth, and Stu Carver was an early member of Mostly Autumn.

Heidi WiddopVocals & Acoustic
Martin LedgerGuitars
Stu CarverBass
Neil ScottDrums
Dave RandallKeyboards

It will be very interesting to hear how they sound and see how they develop.

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One Response to Cloud Atlas

  1. Harold Pinkney says:

    There seems to be another band of the same name Tim?