Cripped Black Phoenix Woes

All is not well in the Crippled Black Phoenix camp. As posted on Justin Greaves’ Facebook page:

Attention CBP fans.

Unfortunately, after not turning up for the past shows, Karl Demata and Christian Heilmann have stolen MY band name. They are trying to stop me using MY band name as of the 1st Jan. Karl Demata has also, without my knowledge registered MY band name in HIS name as a trademark, he did this in December 2012, essentially steeling what is mine and has been for many years, and my own band name since 2004. 5 years before Karl joined. He has now taken down our CBP band facebook page.

I have good friends and people who are helping with this. Hopefully we can get it all back up and running soon.

Karl Demata is a scumbag coward thief.

Also to note. I tried calling Karl on the phone several times, to talk like grown ups… he won’t pick up, so i left messages for him, non-threatening but i told him what i think of him. He has now reported me to the Police, who called me today.

I say again, Karl Demata is a scumbag coward and WILL NOT get away with this.

If you see Crippled Black Phoenix anywhere being used without Justin Greaves, you know it is false, and a result of theft. Karl Demata has been planning this for a while, lying to me and his band mates, this is pure theft of what i have put my heart and soul into for many years.

Words ca not describe my utter sickness i feel. It is the lowest shitbag thing to do to anyone.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the drama, i just want people to know about this guy…. PLEASE SHARE THIS AROUND… especially to CBP fans who might wonder what is going on.

White Light.


A later post on Twitter makes it clear that the band are not splitting:

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3 Responses to Cripped Black Phoenix Woes

  1. Have you seen this from Karl? Chris has also posted comments in a similar vein but they’re not public on facebook:

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Thanks for that link. There are always two sides to every story, though washing dirty linen in public like this never makes either side look good.

  3. Indeed, this should have never have reached the public, it can only cause worse feelings and escalation. All we can do is hope they can sort things out between them now.