Glenn Hughes & Living Colour tour camcelled

As the official press release says

Glenn Hughes is forced to cancel his UK/European tour today after the co-headliner Living Colour booked a conflicting support slot on Alter Bridge’s European tour. New management for Living Colour knowingly booked them onto the Alter Bridge tour although they were already confirmed for the Glenn Hughes co-headline tour, which had been on sale since April. Alter Bridge and Glenn Hughes have been long-time friends and neither Alter Bridge, their management and agents or even Living Colour’s agent TKO were aware that this was taking place.

Glenn Hughes was planning on touring Europe in support of his upcoming solo album, Resonate. When word got to promoters that Living Colour were no longer planning to perform on the co-headline dates, they were forced to refund all tickets. All ticket holders of Glenn Hughes’ UK/European tour will be offered refunds at the point of purchase and can call the venues for more information.

“I am saddened and disappointed that I will not be able to perform for my UK & European fans as I had originally intended. When I partnered with Living Colour to do this tour, I thought we would be able to make something special happen at these shows. Unfortunately, an undermining manager got involved and in turn ruined what would have been an amazing tour. I can’t wait to get back to the UK and Europe to bring the new songs of Resonate to my fans overseas” explains Glenn Hughes.

This is deep into WTF territory; I can’t think of any other tour that’s collapsed in similar circumstances, even though the usual “factors beyond our control” can cover a multitude of sins.

While it may prove that there’s more to this story that meets the eye, it does look as though there are some deeply scummy people in the world of rock’n'roll management.

Glenn Hughes new album “Resonate” is releases on November 4th.

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2 Responses to Glenn Hughes & Living Colour tour camcelled

  1. Flightless says:

    I thought for a few days about replying to this, but figured you might find a different perspective interesting.

    My local venue is Leamington Assembly and because it’s on my doorstep I take the odd punt on acts which might not otherwise tempt me.

    When this gig was first announced the local publicity read as if Glenn Hughes was being supported by Living Color. The venue has form for not properly advertising co-headline gigs. However the tour was going to the Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton the next night and they also described it a Hughes gig. The first time I actually saw the term co-headline was in the press release.

    I chatted with some gig going friends and a couple were interested entirely on the strength of Living Color, even if it was only a support slot. As it was we didn’t get tickets because it clashed with Delain in Birmingham, who we really wanted to see.

    Immediately after LC pulled out another act was announced as support and soon after that a number of people messaged the Assembly facebook page asking about refunds.

    I doubt that promoters were ‘forced’ to cancel because LC pulled. I think the tour probably sold very few tickets and that a large proportion of those were to people who were only interested in LC. A few years ago Hughes played the Assembly to a crowd of between 30 & 50. The one person I know who went recognised none of the set apart from the encore ‘Burn’.

    Glen Hughes is on the cover of the current issue of Power Play and has an article in Classic Rock. But he has a patchy solo career and it feels like he is nowhere near as popular as his specialist press reputation or as he thinks he is.

    This statement shifts the blame entirely on to LC’s manager. While they have acted badly they aren’t to blame for how few people wanted to see Hughes alone.

  2. Tim Hall says:


    The last time I saw Glenn Hughes was at Shepherd’s Bush Empire a few years back when he co-headlined with Fish. Though I had no idea what proportion of the audience had primarily come to see who, Fish blew Hughes off stage.

    Fish subsequently complained on his blog about Hughes insisting on topping the bill even for the Scottish gigs when it was supposed to be a co-headline tour.