Halo Blind announce new album

Halo Blind Occupying Forces smHalo Blind, Chris Johnson’s interestingly quirky prog/indie crossover project, have emerged from an extended hiatus with the announcement of a new album entitled Occupying Forces, a follow-up to their début album “The Fabric”.

In their own words:

With Occupying Forces Halo Blind build layer upon layer of textured guitar-driven soundworlds to forge condensed epics that are truly mesmerising. The songs are imbued with a true emotional depth and range, from introspection and angst, to excitement, anger and venting socio-political frustration. Whether through the direct, fearless songwriting, or the nuanced, inventive musicianship, Halo Blind explore creeping paranoia, soul-searching spirituality and everything in between.

With tripwire lead guitars, twisting bass lines and innovative beat work, there’s a lot going on both above and below the surface in their music. Powerful and complex, yet completely accessible, Halo Blind make cerebral music that rocks.

The band have another new lineup, and now consists of Chris Johnson, Gavin Griffiths, Stu Fletcher, Andy Knights and Chris Farrell.

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2 Responses to Halo Blind announce new album

  1. Sam Lewis says:

    Looking forward to this. One of those bands that I’d probably have never listened to if I didn’t know the members from other bands but I liked their debut a lot :)

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Same here. From the two sample tracks he’s put up, it sounds interestingly different from the first one too.