Heather Findlay and Dave Kerzner form Mantra Vega

Mantra VegaPhoto with permission from Mantra Vega, photographer unknown.

A big announcement from Heather Findlay today.

Mantra Vega is a new transatlantic progressive rock band from Myself and Dave Kerzner (former founding members of the bands Mostly Autumn and Sound of Contact respectively) along with Chris Johnson (Halo Blind), Stu Fletcher (We Could Be Astronauts), Alex Cromarty (Mostly Autumn) and featuring legendary guitarist David Kilminster (Roger Waters).

Melding together their wide range of styles and influences in Progressive, Classic and Alternative Rock, Mantra Vega offers a fresh blend of female and male lead vocals and harmonies, atmospheric soundscapes, emotional dynamics and powerful moods. From Heather Findlay’s stunning vocals ranging from angelic to powerful, to the lush keys, guitars and sound design of Dave Kerzner and Chris Johnson to soaring guitar leads from Dave Kilminster and soulful groove from the Cromarty/Fletcher rhythm section, there’s something fresh and new for fans of artists like Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, Yes, Radiohead, The Beatles, Sigur Ros and more.

Heather had originally planned to record a solo album produced by Nightwish’s Troy Donockley, but that got overtaken by events when Nightwish’s schedule changed. But this new project sounds altogether more exciting. Most of the band are from the most recent incarnation of The Heather Findlay band, though it’s especially good news to see Dave Kilminster back on board.

The solo album produced by Troy Donockley will still be happening in due course, but has been put back until Troy is available.

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2 Responses to Heather Findlay and Dave Kerzner form Mantra Vega

  1. Ian Almond says:

    looking forward to this a great deal. i was underwhelmed with her EP of a few years ago especially the music which I felt was rather bland.
    However with the creative talents of the band and Heathers vocals and lyrics this sounds like a real winner.
    let’s hope it gets Heather out playing some gigs again.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    There is talk of gigs, but nothing is confirmed yet.

    I think The Phoenix Suite was a bit of an experiment at doing something completely different from Mostly Autumn’s sound. Didn’t quite work for me either, but there are people who love it.