Heidi Widdop leaves Stolen Earth

Announced on the Stolen Earth Facebook group this morning.

Sometimes you have to embrace change, take risks, have faith in yourself and other people. After much thought, I have decided to leave Stolen Earth, I’m following my instinct and my heart. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has supported the band, you have been wonderful.

After the excellent debut “A Far Cry From Home“, and a big build-up for their much-anticipated follow-up, including the superb new track “Searchlight“, this came as a bit of a shock. No news (as yet) of future plans from either Heidi or the rest of the band, but all I will say is “Watch this space”.

Photo by Mark McNeil

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3 Responses to Heidi Widdop leaves Stolen Earth

  1. Steve says:

    Were get used to ever changing line ups in those bands under the radar that we follow, buy the CDs and get to gigs when we can. And in many cases, after the initial disappointment of hearing of band members moving on, new bands form and we get even more high quality music to enjoy.

    But this has come as a massive shock. With the Searchlight video and song as a taster for the new album, and a lot of the material probably in various stages of being ready, I was expecting the latest announcement from Stolen Earth to possibly be an indication of a pre-order date.

    But I’ll continue to follow Heidi as a musician. She’s a prolific writer, a highly creative and talented musician. Whatever her future plans are, its bound to be something good. And if the Stolen Earth guys decide to continue as a band with a new lead singer, and I hope they do, I’ll continue to follow them as well. Out of all the changes since Cambridge last year, we’ve got Paul’s new band, hopefully something new from Heidi, and Stolen Earth to decide their future. I hope it works out well for everyone involved.

  2. Chris says:

    I think my biggest regret is the probable loss of what must be close to a complete album of new material. Hopefully some of it will emerge in the future. Good luck to Heidi in the future. Maybe there was just too much change in a short time. Sometimes there is only one album… recently I’ve picked up Sankara – Guided by Degrees again and I’ve really got into it… sadly there will be no more of that either!

  3. I had the great pleasure of chatting to Heidi and Martin when they turned up for Sankara’s show at The Duchess in York. I was quite surprised by her announcement as well, but anyone who’s not part of the ‘inner circle’ often has no idea what the inter-band dynamics are like. I wish them all well in their future endeavours.

    Speaking of which… Chris, is there something I should know about my band’s future? As far as we’re aware, Sankara are still going strong. We’ve only just finished our first UK tour, and our next appearance will be at The Railway in Bolton on August 9th. We’ve all been discussing how to approach our next album, and as far as I know everyone in the band is looking forward to working on it.