Howard Sinclair joins Also Eden

Howard Sinclair at The Railway in Winchester

Also Eden annouce announce their new keyboard player, replacing Ian Hodson who left the band in April.

Finding a replacement for Ian was never going to be easy but that, in itself, gave rise to some radical thoughts about the future shape of the band, involving pedals, guitar synths and more. This forward-looking approach has resulted in the arrival on board of Howard “H” Sinclair.

Howard is well known as a solo artist, having supported Panic Room and others and being particularly prolific on the Bristol scene. He’s opened up for Also Eden before now, also appearing on the same bill as vocalist Rich Harding and guitarist Si Rogers, in their acoustic guise of Neo Deals, including at the Assorted Acoustic Afternoon in December 2010, when Rich was still in a wheelchair following his horrific motorcycle accident. Concidentally, a year earlier Howard had been playing keyboards in another band for whom Rich auditioned before joining Also Eden.

The new line-up’s first two gigs will be with F2 labelmates Manning, at The Robin 2, Bilston on Sunday, June 9th and The Met, Bury on Saturday, July 6th. Neo Deals are opening up for Red Jasper and Crimson Sky at The Fleece, Bristol on June 27th.

I didn’t see that one coming. It will be very interesting to see what Howard brings to Also Eden in the coming months and years.

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