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An update from Kyrbgrinder on the current status of the band.

To all fans and followers of Kyrbgrinder,

We apologise for the slowness in our response to address the issue of Kyrbgrinder and Kyrbgrinder250, but that’s not to say we’ve forgotten or taken for granted your earnest and most generous support and contributions.. In fact, far from it!

The band will make good ALL funds contributed towards K250, (a fund devised and implemented by our then manager Nick) which was intended to partially fund the recording of the next album. For the sake of clarity, we (The band) concluded that the announcement posted some weeks ago (regarding our dis-bandment) may have been a little premature. We have decided to delete it, in order to allow ourselves some well overdue time to think, breath and create a little space so we can re-evaluate our goals and more importantly, decide whether or not we’re still going to be creating music together.

We don’t have an imminent announcement regarding the latter but as mentioned, we must address the fact that contributors who wish to be reimbursed must be addressed. An email has gone out with information to all those who contributed. One persons email has bounced, so if you contributed and didn’t receive an email from us already, please contact and confirm your previous email address (to confirm identity) and we’ll sort it out.

For the rest of you!……………”Watch this space.”

Welcome news, and goes some way to clearing up the uncertainty following the disappearance of their earlier announcement.

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