Life as a female rocker

Chantel McGregor at Dorking Halls

Interesting interview with Chantel McGregor, Life as a female rocker, in The Daily Telegraph. Though it’s publised in the “Women’s and Lifestyle” pages, it’s still more about music than half the stuff published in The Guardian’s music pages nowadays.

Chantel explains one reason why there aren’t as many female lead guitarists as their should be; many electric guitars are designed by and for men, and are an awkward shape. As she says, “My guitar’s squashed my boobs for as long as I can remember“.

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2 Responses to Life as a female rocker

  1. PaulE says:

    The paragraph about the major label rep is so disappointing. I cannot believe that such sexist attitudes represent more than a minority of fans. Why should they dictate who does and doesn’t get signed ?

  2. Tim Hall says:

    The major labels aren’t interested in anything that doesn’t fit into easily marketable categories they know how to sell. Women are allowed to be pop divas, heart-on-sleeve singer-songwriters, or at a push, four-chord pop-punks. Guitar-shredding virtuosos don’t fit in any of those boxes.

    Though to be fair, excluding “heritage acts”, when did you last hear a virtuoso lead guitarist of any gender promoted by a major label?