Mostly Autumn Dressed in Voices pre-order

Dressed in VoicesMostly Autumn announce their eleventh studio album “Dressed in Voices“, with an album launch party in May. They are now taking pre-orders from Mostly Autumn Records, including tickets for the launch party, which will almost certainly sell out well before the event. The special edition limited to 2000 copies will be a double album, with a regular single album edition to follow.

In the words of Bryan Josh:

What can I say about our new “Dressed in Voices” album? Well, without giving much away, it all started when I went away last October to write a jolly old Josh n Co album. The first thing that happened was a song that wrote itself on the first touch of the piano. I knew immediately that this wasn’t a jolly old Josh n Co song but indeed had the heavy dark stamp of a Mostly Autumn song with a concept within it. I tried to ignore it and wistfully carry on with the original plan but found it impossible to ignore, and so the album story continued to present itself and I knew we had no choice but to fulfil the concept.

To sum it up as best I can for now… this certainly isn’t a set of cheery pop songs… but there is sunshine in the darkest places – be prepared for a journey – we have “mostly” never sounded like this album before!!

The double-disk edition of the last album “Ghost Moon Orchestra” sold out well before the official release date, and included some songs as good as anything on the single-disk retail edition. So don’t delay getting your order in!

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2 Responses to Mostly Autumn Dressed in Voices pre-order

  1. HWR says:

    I hope the production is “warmer” than the “metallic” GMO, my least favourite MA album bar Wild Eyed Skies. A big disappointment after the excellent GWDH.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    One of MA’s great strengths is they never do two similar-sounding albums in a row, so the next one is always a surprise. They’re not like Iron Maiden who keep making the same record over and over again.

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