Mostly Autumn Dressed in Voices pre-order

Dressed in VoicesMostly Autumn announce their eleventh studio album “Dressed in Voices“, with an album launch party in May. They are now taking pre-orders from Mostly Autumn Records, including tickets for the launch party, which will almost certainly sell out well before the event. The special edition limited to 2000 copies will be a double album, with a regular single album edition to follow.

In the words of Bryan Josh:

What can I say about our new “Dressed in Voices” album? Well, without giving much away, it all started when I went away last October to write a jolly old Josh n Co album. The first thing that happened was a song that wrote itself on the first touch of the piano. I knew immediately that this wasn’t a jolly old Josh n Co song but indeed had the heavy dark stamp of a Mostly Autumn song with a concept within it. I tried to ignore it and wistfully carry on with the original plan but found it impossible to ignore, and so the album story continued to present itself and I knew we had no choice but to fulfil the concept.

To sum it up as best I can for now… this certainly isn’t a set of cheery pop songs… but there is sunshine in the darkest places – be prepared for a journey – we have “mostly” never sounded like this album before!!

The double-disk edition of the last album “Ghost Moon Orchestra” sold out well before the official release date, and included some songs as good as anything on the single-disk retail edition. So don’t delay getting your order in!

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5 Responses to Mostly Autumn Dressed in Voices pre-order

  1. HWR says:

    I hope the production is “warmer” than the “metallic” GMO, my least favourite MA album bar Wild Eyed Skies. A big disappointment after the excellent GWDH.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    One of MA’s great strengths is they never do two similar-sounding albums in a row, so the next one is always a surprise. They’re not like Iron Maiden who keep making the same record over and over again.

  3. I must say I disagree with an earlier post about ‘The Ghost Moon Orchesra’ album. Personally I found it a fantastic album and I think it comes down to personal taste, for example my all time favourite is the live version of ‘Mother Nature’, whereas others will have their own chosen sound for their own personal reason and taste. I also thing Mostly do Pink Floys better than Floyd do!

    I can’t wait for ‘Dressed in Voices’. I’m sure it will continue in the same unique sound as previous albums.


  4. Tim Hall says:

    Only four days until the launch party in York.

  5. Bryan says:

    After just 3 full listens over the weekend I think it’s their best album yet. Really never expected anything quite this good from a long established band given that i felt their last album wasn’t so great compared with earlier ones.

    Wondering whether Karnataka might somehow manage to better Gathering Light now too….