Neil Peart calls it a day

Sad but understandable news that Rush drmmmer Neil Peart is calling it a day, citing chronic tendonitis as one of the reasons. Though The Rolling Stones might still be able crank out their 12-bar blues into their 70s, it’s a different case with the far more physically demanding music of Rush. Just look at the video above.

Like many other fans, I had guessed the band were on their final lap, but had hoped for one last British tour so I could see them once more.  Sadly that isn’t to be.

But nothing can take away their legacy; a 40 year career that produced an impressive body of work (Just how good is that run of eight albums from 2112 through to Power Windows?), and they were at the top of their game live right through to the end. My first ever piece of professional music writing was about Rush.

Enjoy your retirement, Neil, and thanks for all the music.

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