New Blue Öyster Cult Boxed Set

BOC Boxed Set

Blue Öyster Cult have a new boxed set out. It contains remasters of all 14 albums released during their time at Columbia Records, ending with 1988′s Lovecraftian concept album “Imaginos”, plus a couple of disks of rarities.

If you didn’t pick up the remastered editions of their classic early albums released during the 00s, this is well worth picking up. But if you’re a fan you probably have those albums already, and I’m not convinced that this boxed set is worth the money for the remasters of the patchy later albums alone. Although it has been said that this box set is now the only way of obtaining the classic but now out-of-print “Imaginos”.

It’s a pity that Sony have chosen not to release those later remasters individually, and I can’t help feeling that forcing fans to shell out for things they already own as the only way to get the things they haven’t is a bit of a cynical move. This is the sort of record company that prefers to release endless “best of” compilations rather than keep the original albums in print.

Or maybe I’m just not the target audience for this thing. Enough of a fan to have picked up the first batch of remasters a few years back, but not hardcore enough to want to be a completist.

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2 Responses to New Blue Öyster Cult Boxed Set

  1. BeastiePsy says:

    Not making excuses here, but it’s unfair to say that the only ‘new’ material is the 2 discs of rarities. There’s a live DVD, and apparently online access to 4 more ‘classic’ live concert recordings. You also fail to say how much it’s retailing for, making it difficult to judge the VFM aspect. However, I do agree that box sets of this type can only be aimed at existing fans (surely inquisitive or casual fans wouldn’t go this far?), and as such those fans will probably already own a good deal of the material included. OK it’s all nicely presented and collated for that little OCD part of us all (putting aside the fact that the last few CDs are missing, of course), but as much as I love BOC, I can’t help but feel that when the price is revealed, it will be a little too rich for my blood and I’ll be looking for nefarious means by which to obtain the rarities (assuming there are any that I don’t already have). Had they released the extras separately, though, I would gladly have handed over my hard-earned. C’est la vie.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    The live DVD isn’t new. That came with the remastered edition of “Some Enchanted Evening” back in 2007.