Ramblin’ Man Fair – More bands announced

The most significant is the announcement of Family as the Sunday night headliner on the Prog stage.

It’s a rather disappointing bill compared with last year. With the exception of Von Hertzen Brothers, a band whose appeal has always rather escaped me, the top three on the prog stage on both nights are all legacy acts. It’s true that Uriah Heep continue to release albums and aren’t guaranteed to play a set they could have played in 1974, but it’s unlikely to be as focussed on newer material as Marilion’s superb set last year. It doesn’t do much to suggest progressive rock is a living form of music, rather it’s a nostalgia-fest for the middle-aged who want to relive their youth. The younger and more interesting bands are too few in number and too low down the bill.

Uriah Heep, Purson and The Fierce and the Dead are worth seeing, but their will be other opportunities to pay far less money to see see them play longer sets.

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