Reports of Rush’s death may be exaggerated

Rush may not be quite as dead as we thought. Geddy Lee is quoted in The Guardian.

But was Peart really saying what they thought he was saying? In the absence of an official clarification from Peart, it was Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee who set the record straight, when he spoke to Prog magazine on 8 December. According to Lee, what Peart said was merely a confirmation of what he has said repeatedly in recent years – that he is no longer willing to tour for months on end, as Rush have done throughout their 40-year career. Simply, that Peart is “retired” from touring, but not from the band. “I think Neil is just explaining his reasons for not wanting to tour with the toll that it’s taking on his body,” Lee said, alluding to the tendonitis the drummer now suffers from.

Much like Judas Priest didn’t retire a few years back, but stopped doing gruelling world tours in favour of one-off festival appearances. Still, even though this is not the end for Rush, it is probably the beginning of the end.

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