Ritchie Blackmore, 70 today

Guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore turns 70 today. To celebrate, here’s one of his finest hours, Stargazer, featuring the vocals of the late, great Ronnie Dio and the drums of the late and equally late Cozy Powell.

The album Rainbow Rising, released in 1976 is an acknowledged classic. It would be one of my desert island disks without question.

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One Response to Ritchie Blackmore, 70 today

  1. Tom B says:

    Thanks for uploading that clip. It brought back so many memories. Where has all the time gone? Rainbow Rising was the first heavy rock album I ever heard, the first I ever bought, and still the best in my opinion – by far. A shame about ‘Do you Close your Eyes’. But for that the album would be in my top three or four and a cert for Desert Island Discs.