Ritchie Blackmore’s new Rainbow

Rainbow Poster

Classic Rock are reporting Ritchie Blackmore’s touring lineup for the recently announced live dates in Germany and Birmingham next June.

Aside from Blackmore himself, the band will include, Lords Of Black singer Ronnie Romero, Stratovarius keyboardist Jens Johansson, Blackmore’s Night drummer David Keith and bassist Bob Nouveau.

I have seen some disappointment voiced on Twtter that former singer Joe Lynn Turner will not be part of the band. While there’s got to be a question mark over how a relatively unknown singer might handle being thrust into arena-level gigs, we may still have dodged a bullet. The singer might have been Doogie White (have you heard Black Masquerade?), or Dio forbid, Graham Bonnet.

The Birmingham show is sold out, and tickets are already appearing on tout sites at vastly inflated prices. One does wonder exactly what proportion of the better seats actually went to genuine fans.

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4 Responses to Ritchie Blackmore’s new Rainbow

  1. Rasmus Heide says:

    I have heard Black Masquerade. What is wrong with it?

  2. Tim Hall says:

    The way Doogie White hams it up between songs is embarassing bad, and his interpretation of older songs is quite ordinary. Though to be fair the biggest problem is Blackmore himself; there’s no fire in his playing most of the time, as if his heart wasn’t really in it.

  3. Doogie White had (has) a great voice for hard rock, but the most important thing was that he could handle everything from Dio to Bonnett to Joe Lynne Turner, which is a pretty disparate range of singing styles. This new guy will need to do the same, and at the moment I haven’t heard enough to be sure. Impressive voice, but versatile enough…? At the moment I’m hearing someone who does a credible Coverdale but that’s all. I’m currently listening to his Rainbow in the Dark on youtube and he still sounds like a raspy Coverdale :|

    But the key point is that the gigs sold out *before* any of the band was announced. Let’s not kid ourselves about who people are going to see.

  4. Tim Hall says:

    Good point. These gigs are going to be about whether Ritchie Blackmore has still got it, 20 years after his last rock shows. Never seen Blackmore’s Night live, but there are still occasional flashes of greatness on the records.

    Apart from promising Deep Purple and Rainbow material, we don’t really know what to expect from the set. But I think a greatest hits show is more likely than the extended guitar wig-outs we saw in the 1970s.

    We shall see.