The Reasoning call it a day

The Reasoning at Trinity Live in Leamington Spa

Announced today on The Reasoning’s Facebook page:

A very good afternoon to you one and all, I hope you are well? I promise to keep what we are about to say very short, sweet and to the point. It is with a very heavy heart that we impart the following bit of news – The Reasoning have decided to call it day. We part in the knowledge that we have achieved many wonderful and great things as a band and as individuals but, the time has come to be honest and realise that as a musical group, we have explored as much as we can. Though we have enjoyed our journey with you immensely, we have also had occasions where it seemed so tough to carry on and as we approach the 3rd anniversary of the disappearance of our dear friend Owain, this seems like the right time to gently put the band to bed.

We want to thank all the bands, press and fans for the amazing loyalty, support and love. We have done many incredible things, been to many amazing places and played to so many amazing people. Our music lives on with you and in our hearts. This is not the last you will hear of us as musicians but I’m afraid, it is the last you will hear from us as a band. We are all parting on good terms and with firm friendships established. This is a decision we all feel is the best thing for the band and its musical legacy.

Thank you all once again, you will never know how much we truly love you all. Be well, take care and we’ll all see you on the road sometime soon. “The View From Where I Stand Begins To Change, Something Is Happening To Me…….”

The Reasoning xxxxx

It’s always sad news when a band splits. The Reasoning made a significant impact on the prog scene since they emerged at the beginning of 2007, and their first two albums in particular remain classics of the modern prog genre.

Matt Cohen and drummer Jake Bradford-Sharp are now working on a new project Ghost Community with Riversea’s Marc Atkinson, Also Eden’s Simon Rogers and former Crimson Sky keyboard player Moray McDonald. As for the rest of the band, I hope we haven’t heard the last of Rachel’s vocals.

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2 Responses to The Reasoning call it a day

  1. TrevD says:

    I can only echo your final comment – it will be a great loss if Rachel does not continue to record and perform. She has a superb voice!!

  2. Scott says:

    Well, Rach is busy being a teacher these days, it would seem. Good voice, and would be a shame for her to stop.