The Reasoning cancel October tour

After postponing their long-awaited album into the new year, The Reasoning have now cancelled their upcoming tour, and the release of the album may be postponed further.

The band will be spending more time working on their next album, which currently has the working title of Horrorscopic. They say, “We’ve decided to take some time away from the music, in order to allow it to grow and develop more naturally. This will also enable us to think carefully about how best to produce, record and promote it.

“There’s no finite limit to said breather: whether it takes us six months or two years to create an album that we’re genuinely proud of, then it will have been more than worth the wait. We hope that you will agree and understand. In the interim, of course, you’ll still see many of us out and about at other gigs, pontificating online and (if you’re really lucky) doing the weekly shopping [insert supermarket of your choosing].”

Despite the ostensibly upbeat tone of the announcement, you can’t help wondering about the long-tem future of the band with news like this.

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5 Responses to The Reasoning cancel October tour

  1. Harold Pinkney says:

    Shame as they are very good live; I was looking forward to seeing them at The Robin.
    I would have thought a missed opportunity to ‘road test’ some new material!

  2. Ian Almond says:

    Very sad news, after the impact of the first two brilliant albums, it seems to have been downhill ever since with constant line up changes, mediocre albums and very little touring..
    I would love to hear a great new album but the band seems to have run it’s course and I hope Rachel can find a way to make use of her amazing voice.

  3. Tim Hall says:

    Difficult to disagree with any of that, but let’s wait and see. Maybe give it a year or two and they will reinvent themselves and bounce back.

    Worth noting that Karnataka haven’t toured since their two very extensive tours in 2012, and have played even fewer gigs in 2013 and 2014 than The Reasoning. But they are currently in the studio, appear to be on track to release their new album early in the new year, and have extensive tour plans for 2015.

  4. Ian Almond says:

    Good point Tim, how on earth do these bands make a living? And at least Karnataka’s last album and DVD were pretty good, promising an interesting future.

  5. Tim Hall says:

    Very few bands at this level are full time; most members juggle musical activities around day jobs. A few are full-time musicians, but you can tell who they are because they’re all in multiple bands.