Voodoo Vegas announce album and tour

Voodoo Vegas

Hard rockers Voodoo Vegas have announced the release of their second album “Freak Show Candy Floss” on November 4th.

To quote the band themselves

“It’s hard and at times, it’s completely crazy”, says guitarist Meryl Hamilton, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, to have the opportunity to do what we do is amazing and we’re extremely fortunate. But for anyone that knows what’s its like to be in band, working full on, whilst juggerling (see what we did there?) traditional work and personal lives, to people outside this bubble, they think we’re mad.” “Yep”, chimes in Case, “The name ‘Freak Show Candy Floss’ comes from the idea that people who don’t live in this music world can’t understand why we travel for hours and hours only to play music for a short amount of time. Some people think we are crazy, insane, maybe even FREAKS! The name Freak Show Candy Floss comes from that, we are crazy, we are insane, we are FREAKS who love writing and playing our music, and the candy floss is the music and gigs we play, it’s there, it tastes so sweet, but then it’s gone so quick just like candy floss.”

They’ve announced a handful of dates across southern England and South Wales over the next couple of months.

  • 9th Sep – FERNDOWN – Barrington Theatre
  • 10th Sep – SWANSEA- The Scene Club
  • 11th Sep – MERTHYR TYDFIL – New Crown
  • 24th Sep – SOUTHAMPTON – Talking Heads
  • 1st Oct – OXFORD – The Cellar
  • 4th Nov – POOLE – Mr Kyps
  • 5th Nov – ANDOVER – The Lights
  • 10th Dec – BASINGSTOKE – Stage Live

If their barnstorming set at the Cambridge Rock Festival in August is anything to go by, these dates should not be missed.

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