What next for The Enid?

Max Read with The Enid at HRH Prog 3

Following on from the recent departure of vocalist Joe Payne, guitarist Max Read and drummer Dave Storey are now leaving the bamd.

The loss of half the band suggests that The Enid are in disarray, though the statement from Robert John Godfrey quoted in Prog Magazine is a little more upbeat.

“Big seismic events, such as those which have been going on within The Enid, always lead to changes in the landscape. These destructive upheavals are just a reflection of life itself. There is always a future in the aftermath and the unexpected nearly always happens.

“Dominic was due to take over from Dave at the end of the year. Unfortunately Dave’s planned hip operation was rescheduled, leaving him un able to do the gigs planned. Dom Tofield is now The Enid’s drummer.

“Max has decided to follow my example and step down from appearing on stage with the band.

“My personal goal is to help The Enid find the next generation of music fans who are passionate about change and could relate to The Enid as it goes forward with its plans.”

With mainman Robert John Godfrey himself stepping down from active duty a year ago, The Enid were always going to be navigating uncertain waters without him at the helm.

There is nobody else quite like The Enid, and their ambitious symphonic music is, in a sense, the very definition of Progressive Rock. Let us hope these “big seismic events” represent a new beginning rather than the beginning of the end.

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