When Empires Fall announce new album

News from When Empires Fall, the band put together by former Stolen Earth and Breating Space bassist Paul Teasdale, from their Facebook page.

When Empires Fall are proud to announce that the debut album is now on it’s way to mastering, and will be with you all very shortly. The final play list is as follows:

New World
On My Skin
Seisemic Vibes
Journey To The Sun
Call To the Night’s Watch (ft Aleksandra Koziol)
Under No Illusion (ft Mark Rowen)
We Are The Future
Moonbeams (ft Joanne Wallis)

A nice playing time of 49 minutes, and a tear for some excellent tracks which unfortunately did not fit the ‘flow’ of the album (coming soon to a soundcloud channel near you!)

Stay tuned!

Paul wrote the bulk of the music for Stolen Earth’s excellent “A Far Cry From Home”, so this album is something to look forward to.

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