Cambridge Rock Festival open thread

Now CRF 2016 is confirmed, what bands would we like to see? I think we can all take it that Mostly Autumn are a given, but what other bands would make a good bill?

To set the ball rolling, a few names off the top of my head.

Bands who are part of the festival “family” who should be invited again:

Panic Room
Cloud Atlas
Chantel McGregor

Bands who have played once or twice who definitely ought to be invited back

Morpheus Rising
Also Eden

CRF-level bands who haven’t (to my knowledge) played the festival, but should

Mantra Vega
Anna Phoebe

And some ideal “big name” headliners

Blue Öyster Cult
Michael Schenker
Uriah Heep
The Damned

Over to you: Who would you like to see?

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8 Responses to Cambridge Rock Festival open thread

  1. Tim Hall says:

    Some suggestions from Twitter include Paul Carrack, Curved Air, Paul Menel, The Fierce and the Dead, IQ and Änglagård.

    Suspect the last two may be a bit too hardcore Prog for the CRF audience.

  2. Sam Lewis says:

    Threshold are a definite want for me!

    Going to be difficult to choose between CRF and Bloodstock for me next year. Will wait and see which has the better line-up :)

  3. Tim Hall says:

    Do they clash? That’s unfortunate if they do.

    One band I missed: Gloryhammer! I think the CRF crowd could be up for some power-metal.

  4. Sam Lewis says:

    I think they do, yes.

    That reminds me, I need to check out their new song! Alestorm would be cool too haha :)

  5. Tim Hall says:

    Arrrrrr! They would!

  6. Sam Lewis says:

    Actually, they don’t clash – consecutive weekends!

    Ever seen Alestorm live? They put on a fun show

  7. Tim Hall says:

    Yes, they played Sub89 in Reading last year. Significant proportion of the audience dressed as pirates.

  8. Sam Lewis says:

    Yeah, that happened in Plymouth too. Excellent night out :)