Dream Theater T-shirts in the news

It has not been a good day for Dream Theater t-shirts. First there is this story of dodgy vet struck off for knowing animals in the (ahem) Biblical sense, with the BBC News story showing the guy wearing a Dream Theater shirt. (And if you click on that link, don’t say I ddn’t warn you).

Then there is this ridiculous story about Mike Portnoy.

You know how it’s a faux pas to wear a band’s shirt to see them live? It seems like it’s an even bigger faux pas to wear a Dream Theater shirt that was printed in the last four years to a Mike Portnoy signing.

Portnoy is of course the former drummer for DT, and left with a bit of drama behind it. So, when a fan showed up to a signing this weekend wearing a Dream Theater shirt with the artwork for Dramatic Turn Of Events on it, Portnoy was none too pleased.

Rather than letting it go, he decided to hop onto social media and rant…

Now, knowing a few members or former members of bands that went through acrimonous splits or worse, and I own quite a few t-shirts that I would never wear to some other band’s gigs, especially if I’m going to be anywhere near the front.

But I’d still expect musicians to behave professionally should they meet any fan wearing the “wrong” shirt at a gig.

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2 Responses to Dream Theater T-shirts in the news

  1. Synthetase says:

    I didn’t know it was a faux pas to wear a band’s t-shirt when going to one of their gigs. I’ve been to heaps of gigs here in Australia where fans are wearing the band’s t-shirts. At the last Opeth show in Melbourne probably a third of the crowd was wearing an Opeth shirt.

    I always thought that most of the crowd saw the wearing of band t-shirts as a way of talking to other fans about how good their taste in music is rather than making a statement to the act themselves.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    I’m not sure where the author of that linked piece got the idea such a thing was a faux pas. in the first place. Maybe things are different in America.