Filling the Hole

As an independent blogger, I was sometimes annoyed that so many prog bands sent their press releases announcing new records, tours or even new lineups exclusively to Prog Magazine, who would frequently announce things before they appeared on the band’s own websites. But I understand why the bands all did it; Prog has a reach no independent blogger could match, and if exclusively was their price, it was a price worth paying as far as the bands were concerned.

Prog’s sudden and unexpected demise leaves a huge hole.

Independent bloggers can’t hope to fill a hole that big, but we’ll try to do whatever we can. I try ro curate the news section of this site rather than copy-pasting every single press release that shows up in my email. But it goes without saying that any of the bands who feature on this site regularly (You know who you are, and so do our readers) won’t be ignored.

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One Response to Filling the Hole

  1. PaulE says:

    Even with technology offering tailored feeds of news, I often see messages online from people saying they missed something.
    I wonder if the news section here could be expanded slightly by tagging “Tour News”, “Release News” and “General News” separately or even by having a page of the most recent such information from each band supported.
    Of course, all this takes up your valuable time – which is why I was always willing to pay for a magazine even when I could find things online about the artists I was most interested in.