Judas Priest – 10 of the best


The Guardian Music Blog has another one of mine in their Ten of the Best series, this time for The Black Country’s finest, Judas Priest.

I’ve covered much of their career, going from Sad Wings of Destiny to Nostradamus. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to include anything with Tim “Ripper” Owens; though “Cathedral Spires” was in my shortlist, “Jugulator” isn’t on Spotify, so I couldn’t include the song,

One or two people have said they can’t take Judas Priest seriously. Whatever gives them that idea?

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One Response to Judas Priest – 10 of the best

  1. Tom B says:

    I’ve never been sure about Judas Priest. I bought British Steel and loved The Rage, Grinder and Breaking the Law but the other tracks left me cold. When the Black Country boys are good, they’re very good, but when they’re bad they’re awful. I’ve never bought anything else by them. Having said that, what you say about their early years intrigues me, and Victim of Changes is actually quite good. incidentally, KK Downing went to my school.