Marillion – 10 of the best


I’ve got another Ten of the Best features in The Guardian, this time for Marillion.

Attempting to condense thirty-five years and sixteen album’s worth of music into just ten songs is next to impossible, and the the list went through a lot of permutations before settling on the final ten.

As people ought to have realised by now, I always avoid the Big Hit that everbody knows, because what’s the point? There are so many other riches in the back catalogue. There’s nothing from their biggest-selling album, “Misplaced Childhood”, which is an obvious omission, but so much of it only works in the context of the whole album. “Bitter Suite”, a candidate on the initial longlist didn’t make the cut because it doesn’t work as a standalone song, ending abruptly when it seques into “Heart of Lothian”.

It was also a decision right from the beginning for the split between Fish -era and H-era songs to reflect the number of albums, which was always going to mean Fish-era songs would be in the minority. Some people will not like that.

And, just as predicted, the very first comment mentions Grendel…

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2 Responses to Marillion – 10 of the best

  1. Tom B says:

    Thanks Tim,
    As someone who has all four Fish-era albums but only two Hogarth ones, this was a chance to find out a bit more about what I may have been missing out on. I loved This is the 21st Century so I guess Anaraknophobia might be the album I go for next, but everyone in the comments was raving about Brave so I’m torn …

  2. ngv says:

    Having been thinking about this far too long over the last fortnight

    Grendel (sorry!), Incubus, Cinderella Search, The Last Straw, Seasons End, Brave (heartbreaks every time H sings “she’s gone now”) , Afraid of Sunlight, Accidental Man, Deserve (it’s Marillion with a saxophone!), Neverland

    Honourable mention for Assasing but didn’t want to put two from the same album.