Mark Kozelek, Bellend

From The Guardian, “I interviewed Mark Kozelek – He called me a ‘bitch’ on stage”

Last Monday (1 June), Sun Kil Moon played at the Barbican in London. During the encore, Kozelek introduced a snippet of a new song he had apparently been writing. I wasn’t there, but a friend/colleague was, and phoned me after the gig. I’ve since heard the audio and it made me feel sick. “There’s this girl named Laura Snapes, she’s a journalist. She’s out to do a story on me, has been contacting a lot of people that know me,” he told the sold-out, 1,900-capacity room. Then he started repeating the line: “Laura Snapes totally wants to fuck me / get in line, bitch … Laura Snapes totally wants to have my babies.” The audience clapped and cheered

Too many people buy into the mythology that being an asshole is a fundamental component of genius. The reality is it’s more a case of genius letting them avoid the negative conseqences of being an asshole. We should stop them getting away with it.

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