Prog goes Nigel Tufnel

Prog Magazine has attempted to compile a list of The 10 Sexiest Prog Songs. You can argue whether or not the songs chosen fit the theme or no, but this throwaway line did rather stick in the throat.

These days, of course, prog has got well sexed up with the proliferation of scantily clad females fronting acts such as Touchstone, Mostly Autumn, The Reasoning, Panic Room and beyond.

It’s hard to read that line without it coming over as gross, sexist and a little bit creepy. The implication is to reduce talented musicians and songwriters to eye-candy for male audiences. The frontwomen of the bands mentioned above deserve better.

It does make you wonder if the author of that article has ever seen the likes of Touchstone or Panic Room live. Checking the byline, it’s by someone who’s definitely been seen at their gigs, and really ought to know better.

As one regular commenter to this blog said on another forum:

If he thinks those people are scantily clad, he clearly doesn’t get out enough. He should come and walk round Newcastle on a Friday night.


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5 Responses to Prog goes Nigel Tufnel

  1. Thor says:

    And in the cited list there are Touchstone and The Reasoning, neither of which are still active, so how up-to-date is this writer’s knowledge?

  2. Tim Hall says:

    The Reasoning have called it a day, but Touchstone have recently announced a new singer and live dates in the Autumn,

  3. Tom B says:

    I’m speechless. He clearly doesn’t know what ‘scantily clad’ means and I agree, it is insulting to the bands concerned. I suspect I speak for every reader of this blog when I say that I don’t really care what they look like, it’s the music that counts. If it were otherwise, I’d be listening to the latest drivel to come out of the X factor or some such.

  4. TrevD says:

    Shame on Prog Magazine – usually worth looking at their website. Regardless of that I do enjoy a band with female vocals so I’m looking forward to seeing the revamped Touchstone and Cairo later in the year.

  5. John Hunt says:

    I don’t consider myself a prog fan at all, but I have seven of those songs in my itunes, although a couple of them, the Frank Zappa and Roxy Music tracks, I haven’t listened to many times.