The first week of The Song Bar

Under the Guruship of Treefrogdemon, The Song Bar has its first playlist, Songs about moving oo.

I’m honoured to get one of my nominations in the very first A-list of our community’s new home, Karnataka’s “The Gathering Light”.  Treefrogdemon reports that the chorus became something of an earworm. I’m not surprised; I remember seeing the band before they’d recorded the album but were playing a lot of new materal live, and woke up one morning with that chorus in my head, several days after the gig.

It’s also appropriate that the first playlist for a Guardian column in exile contains a song by a band snubbed in the Readers end-of-year poll.

This weeks’ subject is songs that trigger dancing. I have nominated something by King Crimson, which isn’t an obvious dance number. You will need to read the comments thread to find out why.

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