Violet Hour

A couple of songs, “The River” and the single “Could Have Been” from The Violet Hour’s album “The Fire Sermon”. The album had been out of print for many years, but is now available again via former singer Doris Brendel’s website.

Doris and her band played the  Cambridge Rock Festival and were one of the highlight. They didn’t play any Violet Hour songs, but after finding out Violet Hour were an early influence on Mostly Autumn made the album worth getting hold of.

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5 Responses to Violet Hour

  1. PaulE says:

    That last sentence made me go and buy it.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    That same sentence made me buy it when I heard it :)

  3. PaulE says:

    Bought 25 years after release. Even by my tardy standards that is a long time to discover a new band :-) .

  4. Tim Hall says:

    Shame they only did the one album. Still, Doris Brendel has done quite a few solo albums since then.

  5. PaulE says:

    I have ordered a few more from Doris’ website, including the most recent.