What is your album of the year so far?

We’ve approaching the mid-point of the year.

2016 has been a terrible year for deaths, but it’s also been a tremendous year for new music. The underground progressive rock scene has produced many great albums from bands as diverse as Mantra Vega, Knifeworld, Haken, Iamthemorning, Purson, Frost* and Big Big Train. The mainstream has come up with some impressive prog-friendly records too, with David Bowie, Suede and Radiohead amongst them. And that’s before we even start on what’s come out of the world of metal.

So, what’s you record of the year so far? What other records have impressed a lot?

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12 Responses to What is your album of the year so far?

  1. It’s been an amazing half-year for music. Almost all of my top-tier bands have released (or will release) something, and nothing has disappointed.

    But there’s one clear winner — Lighthouse by Iamthemorning. So good that I don’t believe anything else this year can topple it.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    That one’s definitely in my top three.

  3. BT says:

    I’m sure I’ve bought more albums in the first 6 months of 2016 than the last 2 years put together! Lighthouse by Iamthemorning is a clear winner so far, from Konchordat & Mantra Vega. Radiohead album will arrive shortly & that might be up there. I guess it doesn’t fit your criteria of new albums, but I didn’t get round to buying Riverside’s Time Machine album until early this year & that would be just below Iamthemorning.

  4. Bias alert! The one thing that’s grabbed my attention most so far has been a reissue: “City: Works of Fiction” by Jon Hassell.


  5. Stuart Dickson (stuartintrosley) says:

    Radiohead just grows and grows. Frost* is catchily good. BBT continue to provide deep and consistent music. Haken is hot. And I still like – no really like – half of SWs “41/2″. I can’t choose

  6. Paul Turner says:

    Good bunch this year to date.
    Frost*, iamthemorning, Dave Foster and Lazuli are up there but 2 stand out.
    The Clockwork Fable-Gandalfs Fist
    Folklore-big big train.

  7. Synthetase says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to some of the records listed here, so I will put them on my list.

    Of those I have heard this year, Haken’s Affinity definitely stands out, with Mantra Vega running a close second.

  8. Tim Hall says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things said about Gandalf’s Fist. The band’s name rather put me off; make me think of “A Wizard’s Staff has a Knob on the End”.

  9. Tatanka Yotanka says:

    Had Jane Siberry’s long awaited ‘Ulysses Purse’ a couple of months ago which is wonderful but then, also from Canada, Veda Hille’s ‘Love Waves’ arrived at the end of last month and I’ve got to say, just wow! Jane’s record revisits and builds on some previous songs but Veda is in new territory here.


  10. Duncan Mawson says:

    I’m currently enjoying the new CD from the Moulettes called Preternatural, it will definitely be up there at the end of the year as a contender for album of the year.

  11. Tim Hall says:

    I know David Meadows of this parish is a big fan of theirs.

  12. Preternatural is indeed a worthy choice for album of the year. I might still prefer their last album (Constellations) for the greater variety of instrumentation, but the heavier guitar-led direction of Preternatural grows on me more with each listen.