What next for the music blog?

I know I write about this band a lot. But this blog is more than just a fan-site for one band

Here’s a question for readers of the music posts on this blog. Over the past couple of years I’ve focussed on album and concert reviews, news items focussing on the independent prog scene, and short opinion pieces which are often part of the ongoing music conversation of the day.

Are there other sorts of things you’d like to see on here? Here are some of the thoughts I’ve had.

  • Retrospective reviews of older records, either classic albums revisited or overlooked gems. I did one of these recently, for The Fire Sermon by The Violet Hour, which came out 25 years ago but was new to me. There are many more such pieces that could be written.
  • Overviews of bands, a bit like the “Cult Heroes” column in The Guardian, but with bands from the underground progressive rock scene, with the emphasis on bands who are no longer active.
  • I’ve written a couple of “Ten of the Best” features for The Guardian for the likes of Yes, Black Sabbath and Ritchie Blackmore, and these things are fun to wrire. But what about some Ten of the Bests for the smaller bands that feature a lot on this blog? It would have to be bands who have been going long enough to have produced a significant body of work, probably four albums at a minimum.
  • More news pieces. I tend to restrict news announcements to the bands I follow, like Panic Room or Mostly Autumn or their various spinoffs. But I get loads of press releases from PR agencies, often for higher profile acts. While the indie and pop announcements aren’t really relevant for this blog’s audience, a lot more are for the rock, metal and prog scenes. Should I published a few more of them?

Over to you. Any other things you’d love me to write about?

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6 Responses to What next for the music blog?

  1. The overlooked-gems category is absolute catnip for someone like me. Most of my own music blogging has been about stuff in that vein — things I stumble across and feel obliged to bring word about to anyone who’s within earshot. Whenever anyone else finds something like that and makes a case for it, I’m always curious.

  2. PaulE says:

    I’m tempted to say “all of the above”. A good mix will give most something of interest. It also depends on what you want out of the readers. News items probably generate less comment than a “Ten of the Best” (I could argue with myself on that for Mostly Autumn).

  3. Synthetase says:

    I agree with PaulE. Readers can always pick and choose what interests them the most.

    Retrospective reviews of older records would be one topic I’d generally avoid on other blogs because of the endless re-treading of the old faithful, but I’m sure you’d be able to find lots of things I’ve never heard of before or new angles to approach/things to talk about on well-worn classics.

    I like your news pieces, it’s the only way I know anything about what’s going on with a lot of these bands as I tend to shun mailing lists due to spam problems in the past.

  4. Pretty much agree with all of the above comments.

    Retrospective reviews – “overlooked gems” would be much more interesting than “classics revisited”. I don’t need to read the thousandth review of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, but you’ve undoubtedly got stuff in your collection I’ve never even heard of.

    “10 of the best” will certainly bring in comments, which is great if all you want is vindication that people are reading your blog (note: we are :-D ), but I would question whether the comments would be *valuable* comments.

  5. I think you should blog about what matters to you and what interests you – so feel free the leave the press releases in the bin unless they’re an act you know and like – it’s the fact that this blog is well curated that keeps me reading,

    For me, I’m less interested in lists (such as ten of the …) etc. Though that might be because they induce guilt that I don’t have time to listen to 10 more bands!

    But more considered revisitings of older acts that might have been overlooked is often useful. I’m really bad at keeping up these days and miss a hell of a lot I’m sure.

  6. Tom B says:

    A bit of everything please. I think the variety will keep things fresh. Overlooked gems is a winner in my book. Not too fussed about the press releases.