When Only 30 People Turn Up

Got to love this story.

I’m not in the habit of seeing has-beens whose fifteen minutes of fame are long past, but I’ve been to a fair few gigs that have been as poorly attended. I’ll spare the names of the bands to save them embarrassment.

What I do know from speaking to bands is, apart from them not wanting it widely known that a particular gig only attracted a handful of people, is that they hate it when everyone hangs at the back rather than coming forward.

If there’s any kind of stage lighting, the band can’t see much beyond the first couple of rows, so if there’s nobody within ten feet of the stage it looks to them as if they’re playing to an empty room. In contrast, if all thirty people present come down the front, it looks as if it’s a full house for the same reason.

It also helps if those thirty make enough noise that it seems like two hundred. I have been to gigs like that too….

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