Name Your Own Landfill Indie Band

Been complaints that I haven’t updated this blog for ages – for various reasons, the most significant being an impending house move due to a forced relocation because of work.

Anyway, inspired by a Guardian Blog Post about a piece of software designed to name bands (Which has apparently come up with such gems as “One Second Darkens the Dream”, “Silence Fears the Morning” and “Farewell Says December” (I’m not making these up!), here’s my much simpler method for naming third-rate indie bands.

  • Take a book at random from your bookshelf
  • Open a page at random
  • Read down the page until you find the first plural noun
  • Put “The” in front of it.

What could be simpler?

The first time I tried it (sample book was Vol 3 of the H.P.Lovecraft Omnibus), the name was “The Grants”, which is already taken.

So picking up another book at random (Ken MacLeod’s “The Night Sessions”), we get

  • The Traces
  • The Forensics
  • The Ambulances (Crispy ones, by any chance?)
  • The Leaflets

Any advance on those?  I guess you get different indie sub-genres depending on the genre of the book.

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8 Responses to Name Your Own Landfill Indie Band

  1. Wander says:

    I got a couple. The Ghost by Stephen Harris laying around… Let’s see:

    - The Clouds

    - The Houses

    - The Bunkers

    - The Photographs

    - The Words

    Aaaand a Terry Pratchett books gives these:

    - The Dusters

    - The Ingredients

    - The Cities

    Wow, it works…

  2. hedgeprog says:

    The Requirements.
    The Surprises.
    The Problems.
    The Facets.
    The Renderers.

    (A couple of software engineering books and the Flex 3 book from O’rReilly)

  3. Tim Hall says:

    And Hedgeprog made me wonder if it works with entity models, provided you use the plural forms.


    The Organisation Units
    The Works Orders
    The Stocktakes
    The Celebrity Endorsements

    This last one does come from a real entity model, BTW, dating from the Dotcom bubble.

  4. From Ken Kesey’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test p91:
    The Reviews
    The Qualities
    The Critics
    The Men
    The Obligations
    The Years
    The Pranksters
    The Huns
    The Sheets
    The People
    The Mandalas
    The Cameras
    The Microphones

  5. The Kingdoms
    The Spotlights
    (Escape from Kathmandu by Kim Stanley Robinson)

    I am very impressed by this method.

  6. Tim Hall says:

    If anyone’s wondering, “The Celebrity Endorsements” comes from the late lamented – Anyone remember that?

  7. Chromedome says:

    Or you could use Wikipedia’s random article link:

    (Athletics at the 1972 Summer Olympics – Men’s 800 metres)
    The Mens
    The Metres

    (Servite High School)
    The Servants
    The Servites

    BTW Tim, if you ever find yourself in Tokyo, the Metro paper today has a picture from the Akihabara Washington Hotel where they’ve built a model railway in one of the rooms for guests to play with! Apparently it costs £170 per night but you can take your own trains.