Panic Room – Crewe Limelight, 5-Dec-2008

Back to the world-famous Crewe Limelight for Panic Room’s final live appearance of 2008.

Support was Jump, who I’d seen (briefly!) at that ill-fated double headliner at The Peel when the power failed just at the point where things were starting to come to life. Tonight we got to see them complete a whole set, and they were very good indeed. More prog-tinged bluesy rock than prog, although you can hear a strong Fish influence in the lead singer. Nice one; I’m looking forward to seeing them again at the rescheduled Peel gig in the new year now.

This is the fourth time I’ve seen Panic Room, and was the best one I’ve seen them play to date. Their sound is an eclectic multi-layered mix of hard rock and prog with bits of folk and electronica, and the five-piece band do a splendid job of reproducing it live; amazingly tight, but they also rock out pretty hard.

Sound was pretty good, certainly better than for either Breathing Space or Karnataka’s gigs in October. Anne-Marie Helder was on stellar form vocally, despite suffering from a cold which I hope she didn’t get it from me, and struggling with a non-functioning pedal board. Can you name any other band where the singer has more effects pedals than the lead guitarist?

Setlist was much the same as the Halloween gig in Worcester, right down to the cover of ‘Enter Sandman’ as the final encore, albeit with a few changes in lyrics. High spots were many; ‘Apocalypstick’ was fantastic, and of the new songs ‘Yasumi’ and ‘Go’ are rapidly becoming favourites. Anne-Marie’s Santa outfit for the encores raised a few eyebrows; I think the rest of the band should have dressed as elves.

Next gig is at The Peel in Kingston on January 31st. Be there!

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2 Responses to Panic Room – Crewe Limelight, 5-Dec-2008

  1. 2JokersInEveryPack says:

    Ok, this is going off topic: hello there, you should recognise me from my ID! Will you be going to see IQ at The Astoria 2 next week? It’ll be my first IQ gig in 20+ years, and I meant to get in touch before the Twelfth Night Deptford gig last year (similar circumstances) but failed to do so; I’ll try and check back here in the meantime!

  2. Tim Hall says:

    No, can’t make that – I was planning to see IQ at Bury last weekend, but the winter crud meant that I didn’t have the energy to do two gigs in two nights.

    Did see IQ a couple of years back – they’re a great live act.