2013 Album of the Year

Luna RossaSleeping Pills and Lullabies

Luna RossaSomehow I don’t think many regular readers of this blog will be surprised at my album of the year. When I get comments asking what Panic Room would have to do to get a bad review, and get members of the band quoting those comments to me, I’m probably guilty as charged of being a fanboy. So don’t just take my word for it. There are many, many other people who agree that this is a stunningly beautiful work.

Luna Rossa are, of course, Anne-Marie Helder and Jon Edwards of Panic Room in acoustic mode, with the focus on Anne-Marie’s voice accompanied by Jon’s grand piano, with strings, acoustic guitar, some electronic percussion, and all sorts of other strange instruments adding colour. Parts of the album have a Panic Room unplugged feel, others are more experimental with echoes of Kate Bush and Massive Attack. It’s the sort of record that ought to have a crossover appeal well beyond Panic Room’s rock audience.

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4 Responses to 2013 Album of the Year

  1. Jamie says:

    Certainly the best thing they’ve ever done…

  2. PaulE says:

    A set of songs that place Melody in the starring role.

    That is my attempt to explain (or at least start to explain) why I consider this to be the best album of the year. Of course, there is still plenty of room for subjectivity, but it at least starts to place my reasoning within the music itself. I think that this is a more positive approach than asking what someone has to do to get a negative review. Although it does hint in that direction by explaining what I find so lacking in so much contemporary music – where rhythm has been allowed to not just dominate, but obliterate all else.

  3. Mark H says:

    Blimey – I feel almost (in)famous – thanks for quoting me Tim – I didn’t think you ever read my rare emails – let alone comment on them! If I recall correctly, you rec’d quite a few comments in a debate that you instigated called “Bad Reviews” and should you do them – I think you got some interesting replies!

    Re Panic Room – they were just an example though I specifically mentioned them – you could easily replace them by Mostly Autumn, The Reasoning and a host of others. Bands most of us on here seem to love. Maybe the best reply to the question you raised came from Baldyslaphead (great name!)

    “I would be slightly wary of someone that posted exclusively positive reviews, it smacks of either moonie-ism or a lack of critical faculties” – I’m not sure if you replied to Baldyslaphead – though obviously you can’t reply to everyone all the time. Though I think everyone seemed to agree it was your blog you decide.

    I believe you have been very brave by finally coming out in the open and admitting to being a “fanboy”!!

    My two favs for 2103 were those by Mr Wilson (Raven) and Big Big Train (Full Power). Good luck to you and your blog in 2014!

  4. Tim Hall says:

    Ironically with Mostly Autumn I have people from their camp telling me I’m too negative. You can never win with some people.