Kim Seviour – Fantasise to Realise

Kim Seviour - Fantasise to RealiseFormer Touchstone frontwoman Kim “Elkie” Seviour kicks off her solo career with the single “Fantasise to Realise”. It’s a dramatic record that combines a big pulsing dance rhythm and rock guitars with a soaring vocal performance that suggests the best may be yet to come for Kim as a singer. It’s the sort of things that deserves to be a dancefloor hit if you can find enough clubs that aren’t frightened of guitars.

If that sounds a long way removed from Touchstone’s progressive rock, it’s actually a logical progression from the more pop-orientated elements of of Kim’s last album with the band. “Oceans of Time” cast around in a lot of different directions, and “Fantasise to Realise” represents something of one of those directions. It is certainly an intriguing taster for Kim’s forthcoming album.

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