Thundermother – Road Fever

Thundermother Road FeverThundermother are an all-female blues-based hard rock band from Stockholm. From the opening blast of guitars at the beginning of the album, it’s clear they mean business. They specialise in short, punchy songs that recall early AC/DC with an occasional nod to ZZ Top, powered with a combination of gutsy vocals, big dirty guitars and an awesomely tight rhythm section.

On “Roadkill” they come close to punk with the shouty chorus, but it’s the likes of “Give Me Some Lights” that show them at their best; a driving riff, a relentless rhythm that’s like an unstoppable force of nature, and a riotous chorus.

The only weakness is perhaps a lack of variety; even with a running time of just thirty minutes it does start to get a little samey by the end. But there is no doubting this band are very good at what they do, and the energy levels on display here suggests they’re very likely to be killer live act.

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